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E is for Egypt


Nut is the goddess of the sky in the Ennead of ancient Egyptian religion. She was seen as a star-covered nude woman arching over the earth, or as a cow.

Nut had 5 children: Osiris, Set, Isis, Nephthys,and Horus. Her name is translated to mean ‘sky’ and she is considered one of the oldest deities among the Egyptian pantheon, with her origin being found on the creation story of Heliopolis. She was originally the goddess of the nighttime sky, but eventually became referred to as simply the sky goddess. Mostly depicted in nude human form, Nut was also sometimes depicted in the form of a cow whose great body formed the sky and heavens, a sycamore tree, or as a giant sow, suckling many piglets (representing the stars).

When Ra, the sun god, discovered that Nut was to have children, he was furious. He decreed, “Nut shall not give birth any day of the year.” At that time, the year was only 360 days. Nut spoke to Thoth, god of wisdom, and he had a plan. Thoth gambled with Khonsu, god of the moon, whose light rivaled that of Ra’s. Every time Khonsu lost, he had to give Thoth some of his moonlight. Khonsu lost so many times that Thoth had enough moonlight to make 5 extra days. Since these days were not part of the year, Nut could have her children.

During the day, the heavenly bodies—such as the sun and moon—would make their way across Nut’s body. Then, at dusk, they would be swallowed, pass through her belly during the night, and be reborn at dawn.

Present Day

If you look at the learners at modern-day Medici University, our patron, Isabella Medici, holds the most obvious Nut parallels. She gives birth to our days on campus and protects us in our journeys. Yet there are so many MU Learners who have helped spread light, secure the cosmos, and enrich our days. Please leave Your Nominee for MU’s Nut in the comments below.

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Medici University, Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Clinic Director, Dr. Renie Schollerer, aka “Aunt Renie” followed a successful career in women’s health and pediatrics with a focus on avatar fertility. As advanced beings, avatar reproductive systems are often especially fragile and so many worthy couples have been devastated at their inability to conceive. Aunt Renie has combined cutting edge research in avatar fertility with a gracious, humanistic avatar gestation carrier program.

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