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Thank you for exploring our Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Center website! In spite of the many years of experience we bring to the field of Avatar Fertility, this center is brand new, and you’ve landed on a subject that we’re still preparing the content for. Please check back soon for the latest helpful information on your pregnancy and your mesh baby. We’re planning to have everything up and ready for The Center’s grand opening on Spring Equinox, 21 March 2014!

Till then, why not let us know about any questions you may have about fertility, pregnancy, delivery, or surrogacy by asking on our

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Medici University, Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Clinic Director, Dr. Renie Schollerer, aka “Aunt Renie” followed a successful career in women’s health and pediatrics with a focus on avatar fertility. As advanced beings, avatar reproductive systems are often especially fragile and so many worthy couples have been devastated at their inability to conceive. Aunt Renie has combined cutting edge research in avatar fertility with a gracious, humanistic avatar gestation carrier program.

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