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AF&S: Your Partner in Bringing a Happy, Healthy Mesh Baby into This World

An avatar pregnancy is a time of great joy! But it is also a time of confusion. You want to do the right thing for your mesh baby, but how do you know what the right thing is? Is a Tummy Talker essential for a healthy baby? Or just a silly superstition? Prim Babies were a tragic time of birth defects and sad parents. Today’s Mesh Baby is a true achievement of modern avatar reproduction. But this time also brings in so much complexity and so many new questions. AF&S can help you and your baby.

  • Ovulation: When to have pixel sex
  • Fertilization: Increasing your chance of becoming pregnant
  • In Vitro: When nature is stubborn, we can help
  • Sperm / Egg Donors: making pregnancy possible for all avatars
  • Surrogacy: when biology or a busy work schedule won’t allow you to carry your own baby, we can help arrange for another avatar to be your gestation carrier

About The Director

Dr. Renie Schollerer, MD, PhD

Dr. Schollerer completed her residency in OB/GYN at SL University Medical Center and fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Warcraft Institutes of Health/Minecraft Medical Center. Her pioneering research in avatar fertility has led to consulting positions at dozens of the leading MMO Maternity (MMOM) centers across cyberspace. In her new role as Director of Medici University’s Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Center, Dr. Scholler, aka “Aunt Renie” is bringing avatar reproduction out of the shadows and into modern science.


About AF&S

Medici University
Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Center

Avatar fertility pioneer Dr. Renie Schollerer has founded AF&S with a home base in Potsdam, Germany and a global avatar network. Wherever your avatar is in cyberspace, we have qualified reproductive health professionals who can help make this confusing time the joy that it should be.